Red Cross blood bank, Austria

Laboratory, research and treatment facilities with Viessmann coldrooms

The Red Cross blood bank in Linz, Austria, is one of the leading institutions of its kind in Europe. Nearly 10,000 sqm area is available for laboratory, research and treatment facilities. Thus the choice of technical equipment for the building was very important, especially for the temperature-controlled rooms and medical care facilities. Five TectoCell coldrooms with a total area of 64 sqm and seven freezer rooms with 100 sqm area together with five TectoCell coldrooms with integrated glass doors are in daily use for the most temperature sensitive items.

Viessmann products offer constant reliability. Thanks to the sophisticated, self-centric groove-tongue system, the individual elements fit together perfectly. We save a great deal of time during the assembly process and, with the aid of the wall overlapping system, can join the individual walls without any joints. This means that the Viessmann rooms offer the best possible hygiene standards.

Herbert Leitner, refrigeration system specialist from Austria.

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